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JD's Market and Halal Meat

JD's Market specializes in East Indian, Pakistani, Afghani, Iranian and Middle Eastern produce and grocery items. We offer fresh cut 100% Halal meat from local Muslim slaughter houses. JD's Market is proud their Halal meat comes from Ontario farmers who feed their cattle natural products and don't use any hormones or any other sort of chemicals. Our aim is to provide exceptional quality and service foreach and our every customer. I encourage you all to take advantage of the great deals that we have in our store on regular basis. Please check our store flyer to see how much you can save on over 100 grocery items and fresh meat. JD's Market is the place for anyone who is seeking exceptional quality, in fresh, natural cut (100% Halal) farm meat and essential grocery items from regions such as the Afghanistan, India, Iran, Middle East and Pakistan. Thank you all for your support and business. Please visit https://www.jdsmarket.ca for more information.

Grand Opening Flyer
Chicken Leg (Skin on) -
$1.19/lbChicken Leg (Skin on)
Veal Shoulder -
Star Mango & Guava Juices -
1.5 litre bottle
2L Coke products -
Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Ginger Ale and etc
2 for /$2.49
Saffron Basmati Rice -
10 lb $10.99 40 lb $42.99
$10.99/ 10 lb
Mince Meat (Ground Meat) -
Whole Goat Meat -
Zaika Spices (200mg) pack -
Ahmed Spices -
2 for 99 cents
Shan Masalas -
Ahmed Pickels and Sauces -
Minar Atta -
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